Hillary Clinton Weighs in on Ukraine, Compares Putin to Hitler

Hillary Clinton has weighed in on Ukraine for the first time. BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer reports that at a California fundraiser on Tuesday, Clinton made some comments about the ongoing crisis, according to a few individuals in attendance, and even went so far as to draw parallels between Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler.

Clinton, who was famously the face of the Russian reset, reportedly drew parallels between the current situation with Ukraine and what Nazi Germany was doing up to World War II.

“She compared issuing Russian passports to Ukrainians with ties to Russia with early actions by Nazi Germany before Hitler began invading neighboring countries,” [Harry] Saltzgaver said. “She said, however, that while that makes people nervous, there is no indication that Putin is as irrational as the instigator of World War II.”

“She talked about how what Putin is doing now is similar to what Hitler did, essentially providing these ethnic Russians in the Crimea region access back to Russia,” said the second attendee. “And that it was destabilizing.”

Clinton credited John Kerry for his involvement in working on an “amicable solution” while still emphasizing the “very worrisome” nature of what Putin is doing.

You can read the full BuzzFeed report here.

[photo via Chatham House]

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