Hillary Document Reveals She Was Skeptical of Healthcare Individual Mandate

On Friday, archivists released thousands of pages of documents involving the presidency of Bill Clinton, some of which included records relating to former first lady Hillary Clinton. Among the revelations included in that document dump were that Hillary Clinton was highly skeptical of the individual mandate to purchase health insurance while she was crafting a health care reform proposal in the early 1990s.

“[I]f the Republican alternative, as it appears now to be shaping up, at least among the moderate Republicans in the Senate, is an individual mandate, we have looked at that in every way we know how to (inaudible),” the document revealed. “That is politically and substantively a much harder sell than the one we’ve got – a much harder sell.”

“Because not only will you be saying that the individual bears the full responsibility; you will be sending shock waves through the currently uninsured population that if there is no requirement that employers continue to insure, then they, too, may bear the individual responsibility,” the documents concluded.

The individual mandate to purchase health insurance is a major component to the Affordable Care Act which Clinton supported as Secretary of State in Barack Obama’s presidential administration.

[h/t Alex Seitz-Wald]
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