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Hillary Shifts on Same-Sex Marriage, Now Endorses Nationwide Right

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton told the Washington Blade Tuesday morning that she endorsed same-sex marriage as constitutional right, a progression (or flip flop, depending on your POV) from her previous position that its legality should be decided on a state-by-state basis.

“Hillary Clinton supports marriage equality and hopes the Supreme Court will come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed that constitutional right,” Hillary for America spokesperson Adrienne Elrod said Wednesday.

The Supreme Court is considering challenges to multiple state-level prohibitions of same-sex marriage that have been struck down in the last year, and is expected to rule later this spring.

Clinton endorsed same-sex marriage in 2013 in conjunction with the Human Rights Campaign, and has emphasized her efforts as Secretary of State to press gay rights globally.

But in 2014 she was still arguing for it to be passed on a state level in an interview on NPR. She has also been criticized by her party for evolving too slowly on the issue, especially as her husband signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1993, parts of which were struck down by the Supreme Court in 2013.

Clinton’s statement also comes as the political press is desperate for concrete policy positions from the nascent Clinton campaign.

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