Hillary Used Her New Snapchat Account to Joke About Email Scandal

Screen-Shot-2015-08-15-at-11.22.30-AMHillary Clinton joked with attendees of last night’s Iowa Wing-Ding Dinner about her new Snapchat account, and why its the social media app for her. Despite the flak that her campaign has taken this week with the FBI’s seizure of ‘top secret’ emails from her private servers, she made it clear to attendees that she’s not even feeling the heat.

“You may have seen that I have recently launched a Snapchat account,” Clinton said. “I love it — those messages disappear all by themselves.”

Clinton went on to say that recent events have been all about politics, not her emails, saying that her testimony before Congress was proof of her commitment to transparency. However, she said that the one thing she won’t do, is get in the mud with the GOP’s “partisan games.”

“I don’t care how many Super Pacs and Republicans pile on,” Clinton said, inviting her critics to keep on firing. “I’ve been fighting for families and underdogs my entire life, and I’m not going to stop now.”

Buzzfeed reported that the rest of Clinton’s speech saw an impassioned railing against her many other criticisms. Towards the end, Hillary joked the Republicans would soon have enough material to make a sequel to the Citizens United slam film, Hillary: The Movie.

You can watch Clinton’s comments here, via The Des Moines Register:

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