Hoda Kotb Vs. Willie Geist: Book War! Who Sold More In Week One?

NBC’s Hoda Kotb and MSNBC’s Willie Geist both had books that came out last week, so obviously that means it’s war.

We have the results from the first week sales – and while both did well, one was the clear winner.

First of all, it had to be a good sign when this week’s New York Times Best Sellers List came out and both were on it. Kotb’s book came in at #23 last week while Geist’s was #33. It was a little strange that American Freak Show was on the nonfiction list, but I guess since Jon Stewart‘s Earth is at the top of the list, nonfiction doesn’t necessarily mean ‘true.’

In the first week, Kotb’s book sold 4,908 copies and Geist’s had 2,145, in Bookscan numbers obtained by Mediaite. Both benefited from promotion on their respective networks, with Freak Show getting more than 80 mentions in the last three weeks (mostly on Morning Joe). Last time we did this, during Rick Sanchez‘ first week of book sales, the former CNN host got 802 (and 36 mentions on CNN in the prior three weeks).

Other comparisons from media figures as authors: Meghan McCain’s book sold 2,644 and Arianna Huffington’s sold 1,985 during their first weeks.

In other news, Glenn Beck‘s Broke comes out tomorrow and will, um, probably sell more than all of these (it’s currently #11 on Amazon).

We talked to Geist and Kotb about their books during Mediaite Office Hours.
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