Hollywood Liberal Hints Trump Will Start Killing Homosexuals, Like Chechen Government



Avengers director Joss Whedon strongly hinted in a Thursday post on Twitter that President Donald Trump‘s government might follow the example of Chechnya’s government and murder homosexual men.

The Hollywood liberal certainly has made no secret that he loathes the president, but this is just the latest over-the-top charge he lobbed toward the billionaire.

Back in September 2016, Whedon collaborated with other celebrities and released a PSA that attacked Trump as “orange Muppet Hitler.” Less than a week after the New Yorker won the presidency, the director took to Twitter and cried, “This is simple: Trump cannot CANNOT be allowed a term in office. It’s not about 2018. It’s about RIGHT NOW”.

More recently, Whedon attacked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Republicans in general: “Rejecting DeVos was the GOP’s easiest way to say ‘Mr Prez, let’s take this slow, we got 4 yrs’. Instead they declared war on our children.”

It should be pointed out that a recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times made a similar argument about President Trump’s supposed animus towards the LGBT demographic. The opinion piece, like Whedon, conveniently ignored the fact that the chief executive has many high-profile backers in that community, and that the President is “fine” with the Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling extending civil marriage to same-sex couples.

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