Home Depot Founder Compares Inequality Rhetoric to, Wait for it, Nazi Germany

It’s Tuesday, which means somebody must be comparing something to Hitler or Nazi Germany or the Sudetenland or Munich or Krystallnacht. (Offer also good Wednesdays through Mondays.)

Up today, billionaire Home Depot founder Ken Langone, quoted in POLITICO’s latest dispatch from the Dept. of LULZ, “The Rich Strike Back,” essayed the following:

“I hope it’s not working,” Ken Langone, the billionaire co-founder of Home Depot and major GOP donor, said of populist political appeals. “Because if you go back to 1933, with different words, this is what Hitler was saying in Germany. You don’t survive as a society if you encourage and thrive on envy or jealousy.”

Langone was last heard from wringing his hands to Cardinal Timothy Dolan over the Pope’s inequality rhetoric.

Authors Ben White and Maggie Haberman wrote that, like past 1% Nazi analogizer Tom Perkins, “Langone showed no hesitancy in invoking the Nazis when describing current populist rhetoric,” though the comments were “sure to draw ire from those who find such comparisons to Nazi Germany insensitive.” Rather.

The piece ends with anonymous Wall Street “industry executives” hoping the crisis in Ukraine removes pressure from Wall Street by giving the public a new villain.


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