Honolulu Cops Want Legal Exemption So They Can Have Sex with Prostitutes

There are no words that could possibly describe the feeling of being able to directly appeal your state legislators to make sure a law allows you to have sex with prostitutes. I know. But that’s exactly what Honolulu police officers are fighting for, and their reason for doing so is awesome.

See, sometimes cops need to be able to sleep with a hooker as part of an ongoing investigation into… something. This is their rationale. Seriously. KITV specifically reports that the provision “allows undercover officers to have sex with prostitutes during investigations,” and the cops need the ability to do that “to catch lawbreakers.”

And then comes perhaps one of the best sentences in any news story of all-time: “It’s not immediately clear how often – or even if – Honolulu police have sex with prostitutes.” Okay, thanks for the clarification. Obviously, critics are concerned that, duh, cops might abuse the privilege and have sex with prostitutes just because they can and not get in trouble for it.

You can read the bill here [PDF]. The relevant part starts on page 7.

[h/t Michael Rusch]

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