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Horrifying Sasquatch Crashes Local News Live Shot in Height of Snow Storm

As we mentioned yesterday, big winter weather storms that wallop the East Coast mean it’s time for local news reporters to brave the elements and give the latest updates from the frigid field.

But a little bit of inclement weather didn’t stop one prankster from donning an incredibly legitimate Big Foot ensemble and crashing a live shot on 22 News in Springfield, Massachusetts. Just as meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei was beginning her news report from a hectic intersection known simply as “The X” down the road from the Basketball Hall of Fame, the emerging creature can be seen creeping scarily into frame.

“Since the snow started this morning at about 6:15, 6:30, it has not let up at all,” said Pagliei. The creepy creature — who one 22 News anchor referred to as “Sasquatch” — horrifyingly trudges towards the frame of the camera.

The cameraman quickly motions for Pagliei to step out of the frame so that he can adjust the direction of the focus, depriving us of the outcome of the impending Twilight Zone-style showdown. But this head-scratching encounter leaves so many questions unanswered, namely WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! and WHO THE HELL OWNS THAT COSTUME?! and WHAT THE HELL DOES HE/SHE DO WITH THAT COSTUME WHILE NOT TERRORIZING REPORTERS LIVE ON-AIR?!

Watch above, via 22 News.
[image via screengrab]
[h/t: FTV Live]

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