Draft Dodger

House Speaker Paul Ryan Dodges the Draft

paul ryanHouse Speaker Paul Ryan has put to rest a nascent, unofficial movement to draft him for the Republican nomination.

The Committee to Draft Speaker Ryan super-PAC, which was at no point affiliated with Ryan’s office, received a cease-and-desist letter from Ryan’s political operation and will be terminating its recruitment efforts. As of this writing, their website,, is closed to the public.

“We believe the actions of your organization are not in compliance with federal law and may constitute fraudulent solicitation of funds,” Ryan’s attorney Timothy Kronquist wrote, adding: “It is in the public interest for your organization to cease potentially confusing and misleading people into supporting your organization.”

Ryan, through his attorney, had disavowed the group last week.

The Committee had been attempting to gather 1 million signatures and raise funds via their website in order to “draft” the reluctant House Speaker to enter the presidential race in the event of a brokered convention. Responding to Ryan’s attorney’s missive, a Committee spokesperson said that the campaign was “simply a patriotic effort to save our party and save our country.”

[h/t The Hill]

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