How Bad Were the Tweets That Got Business Insider’s CTO Fired? (UPDATED)

New York Magazine reported Tuesday morning that Business Insider Chief Technology Officer Pax Dickinson has been forced to resign after his history of sexist and homophobic tweets drew industry-wide criticism on Monday. Henry Blodget, Business Insider’s CEO, confirmed Dickinson’s departure Tuesday afternoon, stating his tweets “do not reflect our values and have no place at our company.”

The controversy appears to have started after this year’s TechCrunch was roundly criticized for sexist and misogynist presentations. Tech Crunch apologized, but Dickinson mocked both the criticism and the apology on Twitter:

ValleyWag noticed Dickinson’s flare for inflammatory tweets, and dug deeper into his Twitter history:

Dickinson was alternately defensive and cavalier about the attention on Monday:

And also scheduled a duel with one of his colleagues:

His stream of tweets ceased late last night, and his Twitter account was unusually dormant this morning.

UPDATE 12:04: CEO Henry Blodget released the following statement at noon on Tuesday:

A Business Insider executive has made some comments on Twitter that do not reflect our values and have no place at our company. The executive has left the company, effective immediately.

Business Insider’s team is composed of more than 100 talented men and women of many backgrounds, and we highly value this diversity.

UPDATE 3:18: Pax tweeted his farewell(s):

[h/t NYMag, ValleyWag]

[Image via screengrab]

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