‘How Does it Feel to Work For a Fascist?’: Sean Spicer Got Harassed at an Apple Store

Press Secretary Sean Spicer was spotted during a trip to the Apple Store, and a random shopper decided to come up and barrage him with a bunch of loaded questions about working for President Trump.

Spicer was reportedly shopping at the Apple branch in Georgetown when a woman filmed and bombarded him with question after question. The video speaks for itself, but here’s a sampler of the kinds of inquiries that the questioner decided to pursue:

“How does it feel to work for a fascist?”

“Have you helped with the Russia stuff?”

“Do you feel good about lying to the American people?”

“Are you a criminal as well?”

The encounter was streamed on Periscope and posted on the Twitter account @Shreec. Twitchy also noticed that the same user participated in a protest last month where Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was blocked from entering a school in D.C.

Watch above, via Twitter.

[Image via screengrab]

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