How Low Can It Go? Obama’s Approval Rating Hits Yet Another Record Low

It’s always good to be a frequent record-breaker, but not if the record is how little people actually like you. President Obama has hit yet another record low approval rating, following similar record lows in other polls for the past few months, this time from Quinnipiac, which marks Obama’s approval numbers at 39 percent. By contrast, George W. Bush, at this time in his presidency, sunk to what was then an all-time low of 37 percent.

Obama’s net approval rating was just four percent at the start of October, only to jump down to -15 this week. Independents disapprove of Obama 63-30 and Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove by a 95-point margin, while Democrats still widely approve of Obama’s performance 79-14.

And whether or not it had to do with the “you can keep your plan” promise that wasn’t exactly how it sounded, for the first time in the Quinnipiac poll, more people consider Obama untrustworthy and dishonest than believe he’s an honest man.

People still approve of his handling of global terrorism, but the majority disapprove of how he’s handled foreign policy in general, immigration, the budget, health care, and the general economy. And that’s not even touching the really bad numbers about Obamacare.

Glenn Beck predicted that by the end of Obama’s presidency, he’d be lucky to break 20 percent. If the trend continues, he might end up being right about that.

You can read the full poll here.

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