Why Nothing Gets Done? Sen. Harry Reid Tells A 5-Minute College Football Story On Senate Floor

This weekend, the University of Nevada won a big upset against Boise State. It was an exciting upset and a great game between conference rivals. Why am I discussing this here and not over at SportsGrid? Well, because Harry Reid decided to spend five minutes telling the story today to kick off the last session of 2010. That’s one way to spend a lame duck session.

Not that there were any complaints on the floor. And why should there be? It was five whole minutes without anything for the Democrats to get yelled at for or the Republicans to obstruct. I’m sure it was very relaxing. So let’s gather round and listen to Senator Reid’s exciting story of the Wolf Packs. We’ve embedded the video from C-Span in case your unemployment prevents you from buying a TV.

Interesting side note: Please note that they are starting “morning business” around 2pm. That may be the best part.

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