Howard Dean Goes Off on ‘Lying’ Spicer and Trump: ‘What Sean Spicer Just Did Was Fake News’

Following White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s briefing on Thursday, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean went off on Spicer, as well as President Donald Trump.

Spicer said during his briefing that the president was standing by his claims that Trump Tower was the target of surveillance by the U.S. Government during the Presidential campaign, despite the Senate Intelligence Committee’s finding that there were “no indications” of any surveillance.

Appearing on MSNBC, Dean said Spicer’s briefing Thursday was simply a part of the Trump modus operandi over the years, in which he does not admit to being incorrect.

“What Sean Spicer just did what fake news,” Dean said. “This is Trump’s career in the New York real estate business: Never give up. Never admit you’re wrong. Say whatever you want and then try to get away with it.”

“It doesn’t work. This is a different game.”

Dean added that the press gets “offended” when they are lied to, and as such, it’s wise not to do it.

“Do not lie to the press,” Dean said. “They are most deeply offended by that because you’re essentially lying to the American people. That’s what Spicer’s doing on behalf of the President. It’s not helping the President.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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