Howard Fineman Is Leaving Newsweek For HuffPo

Howard Fineman is the latest big name to depart Newsweek since the Washington Post Company sold it and editor Jon Meacham departed. Brian Stelter at the NYT broke the news this afternoon.

Despite having been employed by Newsweek for thirty years, news of his departure is less surprising than news of where he is going: Huffington Post. Fineman said in his press release that the “digital world is where the action is in my line of work, and The Huffington Post is at the center of the new paradigm.” Fineman confirmed he will remain a contributor at MSNBC and cover national politics for HuffPo.

It will be interesting to see how he fares. The hire is a smart one for HuffPo to be sure, but HuffPo is not lacking for content, particularly on their politics page, and almost anyone who goes there runs the risk of being lost in the quick content turnover. Meanwhile, as Howie Kurtz points out, Newsweek is going to have to hire some stars to make up for all these departures.

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