Huckabee: Obama and SCOTUS Stink Worse than My Grandson’s Diapers

It’s come to this: Mike Huckabee‘s presidential campaign just made a poop joke about President Barack Obama and the Thursday afternoon Supreme Court ruling that upheld key provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

In a new video sent to Huckabee supporters, the former governor’s daughter and campaign manager Sarah Huckabee shows off her two-week-old son George. As the little squishy ball of cuteness squirms around in his bed, she narrates: “Boy, can he stink up the joint, but even George’s worst don’t stink nearly as bad as what’s been coming out of Obama and the Supreme Court.”

Mark Twain‘s famous humor quote about the need for changing politicians and diapers often appeared on the screen.

Following the big SCOTUS ruling yesterday, Huckabee himself tweeted that it was an “out-of-control act of judicial tyranny” to uphold the healthcare law many Republicans have devoted their career to overturning.

Watch the video below:

[h/t Business Insider]
[Image via YouTube/screengrab]

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