Huckabee: Stop Calling People RINOs Just Because You Don’t Agree with Them


Mike Huckabee is getting really tired of Republicans calling each other RINOs all the time because of disagreements about a few different policy issues, and said in a recent letter to supporters that he wants the term to be banned outright.

The term gets thrown around a lot, especially by conservatives to moderate Republicans they believe are either insufficiently conservative or sellouts (though Fox’s Bernard Goldberg flipped the script to accuse tea partiers of being the real RINOs recently), and Huckabee says the only thing standing in the way of the GOP making more gains politically is members of their own party.

Many of you used a term that I’d like to see outlawed from the vernacular of the party—RINO. It stands for Republicans in Name Only, and it’s a pejorative term that questions the authenticity and orthodoxy of someone’s party purity… With all due respect, I’ve fought in the trenches of Republican politics for over 2 decades, but I wouldn’t pretend that I’m Lord over determining who the real Republicans are vs. the so-called RINOS… If factions within the Republican party insist on spending time and money to attack other Republicans, I wonder if they want to win elections and save the country, or just proudly boast to their party pedigree.

Huckabee recently scolded tea party groups for going after the Republican establishment and adopting conservative politics as their own personal “theology.”

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