Huffington Post Unveils Tracker Website for Acts of Islamophobia

PicMonkey Collage - Huffington PostIn a response to the renewed surges of Islamophobia that have gripped America in recent months, The Huffington Post has launched a new website to document anti-Muslim remarks and acts of violence against Muslims.

The website describes itself as a project to document acts of violence, harassment, intimidation and bigotry against the Muslim community in the wake of the San Bernardino attack and recent acts of anti-Muslim bigotry.

“Many Muslims say Islamophobia is worse now than it’s ever been — even worse than it was after 9/11,” the site says in its description. “A comprehensive list of discriminatory acts against American Muslims might be impossible, but The Huffington Post will document this deplorable wave of hate for all of 2016 using news reports and firsthand accounts.”

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According to the website, there have been at least 28 anti-Muslim acts in American since the start of 2016. Documented incidents on the site so far include the mosque whose doors were defaced with bacon, Donald Trump supporters issuing white nationalist robocalls, and Megyn Kelly‘s question about Muslim profiling at the last GOP debate.

[image via Huffington Post]

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