HuffPo OpEd Endorses ‘Violent Response’ to Donald Trump

trump protestA blog post published by The Huffington Post Tuesday argued in favor of violent protests against the candidacy of Donald Trump.

“Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any,” argued journalism PhD student and self-described “critical media studies researcher” Jesse Benn. “These denunciations of violence from anti-Trump protesters rest on the misguided view that the divide Trump’s exposed is a typical political disagreement between partisans, and should be handled as such. This couldn’t be further from the truth,” he argued.

“Whatever your personal beliefs regarding violent resistance… there’s an inherent value in forestalling Trump’s normalization. Violent resistance accomplishes this. In spite of this, such resistance is apparently more offensive and unacceptable to societal norms and liberal sensibilities than the nastiness being resisted in the first place.

Ultimately, Benn argues, liberals who denounce violent protests against Trump only do so because their privilege blinds them. “Some people have the privilege to consider the implications of Trump’s rise in the abstract and negotiate which means are necessary.”

“That’s not true for everyone,” he argues. “And when those who hold that privilege dismiss the potential validity or logic of violent resistance, it’s effectively an effort to dictate the rules under which oppressed peoples respond to existential threats…”

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