Hugh Hewitt: Trump ‘Knocked Himself Out’ With Rigged Election Claims

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-12-39-09-am-2-e1476938486252-650x475Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt was not displeased with much of what he heard from republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday. But Trump’s refusal to commit to honoring the election results was, in Hewitt’s view, a death blow to his candidacy.

“I thought he won 14 of 15 rounds. But he hit himself on the head and knocked himself out,” Hewitt said.

“It is outside the norm of American political rhetoric to express a contingent acceptance of the result.”

Hewitt added: “The contingent nature of his commitment to the results is unsettling to many people.”

The MSNBC analyst previously called for Trump to withdraw from the race on Oct. 8, saying it was “for the benefit of the country,” that Trump drop out.

On Wednesday, Hewitt seemed to indicated that the continued rigged election talk makes the prospect of a Trump presidency a non-starter.

“I hope someone is speaking to him now about the need to walk that back and to clarify that you cannot be contingent about elections that are not close,” Hewitt said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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