‘I Am Just So Privileged’: Watch Morning Joe Troll Trump’s ‘Sick’ Cabinet Meeting

Morning Joe kicked off their Tuesday show with a none-too-subtle note of mockery toward Donald Trump and the bizarre cabinet meeting he held yesterday in which his senior staff bent over backwards in offering him their praises.

Perennially embattled Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus sounded almost prayerful.

“Your hair looks great today, Joe,” offered show regular Mike Barnicle. “I’m so proud to be here with you.”

Ex-Congressman Harold Ford Jr. got in as well.

“Thank you again Joe and Mika for having us here. I cannot even begin to express the honor and pride I feel just being near you and all the great work you do.”

Even notoriously late-to-the-joke Steve Rattner had a go.

“I am just so privileged. So privileged.” He said.

“Blessed? Are you blessed” Scarborough offered.

“I am blessed. And you are fantastic. There has never been anyone in this job better than you are.”

Very funny kids — Of course, Scarborough quickly reverted back to form, explaining a unique dilemma he and Mika found themselves in.

“Mika and I right now are in a bit of a quandary,” he said. “We decided this weekend that we thought we had been a little too rough and a little too snarky. It got too personal and we needed to report more news and offer less harsh biting criticism.”

He continued.

“And with that in mind, and with that as a backdrop let me just say that was the most sick, shameful, pathetic, unamerican, autocratic display. I will tell you if I were ever in meeting and people did that to me, I would say shut up and I would fire you.”

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