‘I Can Only Vouch For What I’m For’: Rand Paul Won’t Say if He Disagrees With Trump’s Nazi Germany Comment


During an appearance on CNN this afternoon, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was confronted by anchor Wolf Blitzer over President-elect Donald Trump’s recent comments comparing the CIA to Nazi Germany. And, despite Blitzer asking him a few times to provide his thoughts and if he disagreed with them, Paul refused to provide a straight answer.

First asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin saying he thought the Obama Administration was trying to undermine Trump, Paul explained that he doesn’t have any control over Putin but that he thought “it’s unseemly” that CIA Director John Brennan is speaking out against Trump. The former GOP presidential candidate added that CIA shouldn’t publicly criticize the president and that it hurts their credibility.

“But Senator, when Donald Trump twice compares the US intelligence community and the CIA as behaving as if they were in Nazi Germany,” Blitzer noted. “Doesn’t the CIA director have the right to defend the men and women in the intelligence community?”

The Kentucky lawmaker responded by instead talking about the leaking of information from Trump’s intelligence briefing and hinting that Democrats or intelligence officials were at fault for recent leaks. He then claimed that “somebody should go to jail” over it.

The CNN anchor asked, “But you agree with Donald Trump that the CIA is like Nazi Germany?”

After Paul mentioned leaks to the press and prosecuting those responsible again, Wolf tried one more time: “You disagree with him making a comparison to Nazi Germany?”

“I can only vouch for what I’m for and for my statements,” Paul responded. He then went on to once again discuss prosecuting those who leaked info from the intelligence briefing to the press.

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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