‘I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Include You’: Trump Tells Stephanopoulos He Should Have Been Insulted Sooner


Earlier this week, the editorial board of The New York Times ran a rare 2-page spread meticulously outlining every conceivable person, place, or thing that Donald Trump has insulted over social media since launching his campaign.

And boy is it some list.

The list highlights many journalists and broadcast media professionals who have earned the ire of the Republican nominee over the last year and a half. For example, Donny Deutsch (“a big failure in TV; irrelevant”), Willie Geist (“uncomfortable looking”), and Major Garrett (“bad reporter”).

But a notable absence on that list is Good Morning America‘s George Stephanopoulos, something the anchor and former Clinton staffer found surprising.

During a segment of the exclusive interview with Donald and Melania Trump that aired Thursday morning, the GOP nominee asked Stephanopoulos directly of the NYT list: “Were you one of ’em?”

“Actually I wasn’t, I was a little surprised at that,” admitted Stephanopoulos.

“Oh well, you should’ve been,” said Trump. “I’m surprised! Let’s go check it. I can’t believe I didn’t include you.”

The Republican nominee explained away his well-documented insult tirades by noting that he simply fights back against dishonest reporting, highlighting his staggering social media followings between platforms like Twitter and Facebook. “I have the power of this instrument,” he said.

Watch above from GMA. The exchange begins around the 6:20 mark.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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