‘I Don’t Think Anybody’s Really Worried’: Carl Higbie Brushes Off Concerns About Fox News ‘Shake-Up’

Carl Higbie is a former Navy SEAL who has the unique pleasure of being a pro-Donald Trump commentator on CNN and Fox News.

Generally, he gets a warmer welcome at Fox News and spends his time at CNN pushing back against the use of anonymous sources. Don’t take our word for it, though. That’s what he just told our own Travis Irvine a few moments ago outside of Fox News.

He said more than that, too! Specifically, he — just like Geraldo Rivera — brushed off the idea that Fox News is in trouble.

“People are saying Fox News ratings are tanking,” Irvine led. “How does everyone feel on the inside here?”

“There’s been a big shake-up. I don’t think anybody’s really nervous about it,” Higbie responded. “People have been moving around — different shows — and I think it’s going to take some time for people to get used to it but overall they’ll come back.”

Certainly, following Bill O’Reilly‘s sudden ouster in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, there were numerous “shake-ups” as Fox News rearranged its lineup. Just a few months prior to his death, Roger Ailes exited the network under similar circumstances, leading to a bout of changes, too.

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