‘I Felt Triumphant’: O’Reilly ‘Hot Chocolate’ Accuser Tells the View How She’s Feeling Post-Ouster

Today, Perquita Burgess appeared on The View. Don’t know who she is? Bill O’Reilly does and that’s all that matters.

See, Burgess is the woman who went to high-profile lawyer Lisa Bloom and accused O’Reilly of calling her “hot chocolate” and making animal noises at her. She made her first public appearance today on the ABC afternoon show, less than a day after Fox News parted ways with O’Reilly.

Burgess said she “got to a point where [she] did not look at” O’Reilly because he would grunt whenever he passed her. She said “it was like street harassment at the office.”

She stated that she didn’t tell Fox News about her repeated run-ins with the anchor because she was a temp, not an employee. To her own temping agency she also said nothing out of fear of hurting their working relationship with Fox. She did, however, tweet about the incidents in 2010 and 2014, sharing her observations that O’Reilly seems to like women of color and isn’t a great guy. (The tweets are private; don’t hate us!)

That two tweets from two long before this public outcry exist is pretty damning and strikes back against the idea that she’s only interested in bandwagon-jumping to get daytime TV appearances.

Burgess went on to say she’s “mortified” by Donald Trump‘s defense of O’Reilly, saying the leader of the country should never defend the indefensible.

Watch the whole thing above. It’s worth the full ten minutes.

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