‘I Like George Bush Now!’: Former President Speaking Out Against Trump Charms Joy Behar

Yesterday, we got two big interviews from former President George W. Bush: in People, he decried the racism running rampant under Donald Trump and on Today, he criticized the current president for disparaging the media. That was shocking, certainly, and both interviews took the media world by storm. If politicos on Twitter were surprised, though, it’s nothing compared to how Joy Behar felt.

On The View today, the outspoken liberal said, “The thing about this is that Donald has now done something I thought he would never do. I like — I like the fact that George Bush — I like George Bush now, is what I’m trying to say! I’m having trouble saying it.”

She went on to say that though she was “after Bush” for eight years, she might just go buy one of his paintings thanks to Trump.

Whoopi Goldberg was on hand to say that disagreeing with a president is normal, but that the things people disagree with Trump about are more serious than the issues people have had with other presidents with different ideologies.

Watch the whole thing above.

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