‘I Mean…There Really Aren’t Two Sides to This Story’: Tapper Sounds Off on Gianforte

With a whole bunch of pundits, politicians, and reporters having now weighed in on Montana Republican House candidate Greg Gianforte bodyslamming Guardian’s Ben Jacobs, CNN’s Jake Tapper noted that it was pretty notable there are few GOP voices outright condemning Gianforte’s actions.

Moderating a panel discussion this afternoon, Tapper stated that with this now being a clear case of assault, it was still surprising that Washington Republicans have been pretty quiet.

“I am surprised there were — I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore — but there were so few voices on Capitol Hill — of Republicans — condemning what seems now a case of misdemeanor assault,” Tapper said, adding that it “couldn’t more clearly have been assault.”

After conservative commentator Bill Kristol criticized Republicans for not speaking out forcefully on this, calling it “unfortunate” and “bad as a matter of principle,” Tapper jumped in again, explaining that after you listened to the audio and read the witness statements, there’s only one side to this.

“I mean…there really aren’t two sides to this story,” he exclaimed.

Panelist Kirsten Powers added that Gianforte’s description of Jacobs as a “liberal journalist” in his statement was an obvious dog whistle to conservative voters and his supporters, saying that they see it as no big deal that he roughed Jacobs up.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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