‘I Tried’: Rubio Got Combative on Twitter Yesterday Over Trump


Months ago Marco Rubio was calling Donald Trump an unprincipled con man who we can’t trust with nukes. This week he said he’s willing to be “helpful” to Trump, and he ended up fighting on Twitter yesterday with people upset at him for going back on all that criticism.

Remember, Rubio tweeted #NeverTrump a couple times when he was still in the race:

Well, never doesn’t always mean never.

Rubio got into multiple arguments on Twitter with people yesterday who didn’t understand why he’s changed his tune so much. Rubio’s contention is that he did everything he could to stop this from happening, but now that we’re left with Trump or Hillary Clinton, he’s forced into

So this is confirmation he’s voting for Trump, yes?

And he made it clear he’s not terribly happy about this:

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