‘I Understand Why He’s So Defensive’: Jewish Reporter Scolded By Trump Comes to His Defense

One of the more dramatic moments during President Donald Trump’s marathon news conference today was his exchange with a reporter from Jewish publication Ami Magazine.

When asked a question by Jake Turx about the reports on the rise in anti-Semitic incidents recently and what the Trump Administration would do to address them, the president appeared irritated. He explained that he thought he was going to get a friendly reporter and a “simple question.” Meanwhile, the president insisted he wasn’t anti-Semitic while telling Turx to “sit down” and be “quiet.”

Turx appeared on Fox News tonight to give his side of things and, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, was very sympathetic towards Trump.

He first told host Ed Henry that there were many acts deemed as being anti-Semitic that people in the Jewish community knew were “not true.” (Though he didn’t clarify.) Turx also noted that Trump has done an “unprecedented amount of outreach” within the Orthodox Jewish community.

“It is very unfair what’s been done to him,” Turx stated. “So I understand why he’s so defensive. “I’m with him when it comes to being outraged about him being charged with this anti-Semitism.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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