IBM Takes a Stand Against Bobby Jindal’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law

bobby jindalHey, when you give corporations the same rights as people, that includes the right to disagree with their governor.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal passed a “religious freedom” executive order (because his legislature wouldn’t pass a law) that gives companies permission to discriminate against gay customers if they believe that serving them would violate their own religious beliefs.

It’s the fancy new way of couching anti-gay behavior with the First Amendment that liberals (and Americans in general) cherish so much. But IBM, which was going to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate their new National Service Center in Baton Rouge, has canceled their event in protest of Jindal’s move saying that it’s not consistent with their policies as a corporation.

Knowing how hard Louisiana had campaigned to get their National Service Center in their state, they really tried to get Jindal to reconsider his stance back in April. But obviously, that didn’t work because the governor still lives in a dimension where 61 percent of the country does not support marriage equality and the government doesn’t sanction discrimination against the LGBT community.

But try telling Jindal that. It’s hard to teach a tone-deaf person how to sing.

[h/t Wonkette]

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