Ice-T Said Everything Tapper Couldn’t During #CNNDebate Live-Tweets


ice t headerMost people watching the CNN GOP debate on Wednesday couldn’t stand it, unless they were making fun of it. Even leading Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders tried to watch the spectacle and live-tweet it, but he eventually grew tired of the theatrics. However, there was one unsung hero who stayed on throughout the marathon event, and his name is Ice-T.

The rapper-turned-Law & Order: SVU actor decided to give live-tweeting the debate a shot and tried his best to stick around until the end. Needless to say, his Wednesday night viewing began with a bang:

Unfortunately for Ice-T, it didn’t get any better:

He offered a few suggestions for moderator Jake Tapper:

When drugs came up, Ice-T got excited:

The rapper even had an idea for what to do en lieu of the candidates’ ability to name a famous American woman to be put on currency:

At one point, he almost cracked:

But Ice-T stuck through until the end:

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[Image via screengrab/Twitter]

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