If You Create Fake News in China, You Could Pay $72,000

shutterstock_516141670Anyone who spreads fake news in the Western Chinese region of Xinjiang will soon be likely to face a fine, according to Channel News Asia.

Fake news has been a major talking point lately as politicians and reporters have spoken out against its spread. Some even believe that the proliferation of fake news is to blame for the election of President-elect Donald Trump.

In Xinjiang, anything “harmful to national security”, “destructive of religious harmony”, that “spreads ethnic hatred and division,” or, “seeks to overthrow the socialist system,” could be seen as fake news.

China says it faces a serious threat from separatist Islamist militants in Xinjiang, but various rights groups say that the real problem is that the government has instituted policies that restrict economic and religious freedom.

Obviously, the government denies being oppressive, so we will see how this crackdown on “fake news” turns out.

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