IL Governor: Trump Has Not Called to Discuss Violent Crime in Chicago

Bruce Rauner (Stephen Vance under Creative Commons license)

In spite of President Donald Trump being outspoken about how curbing violent crime in Chicago is a priority of his, he hasn’t done something that you would expect to be natural: Talk to the governor of Illinois about it. On Wednesday, Governor Bruce Rauner appeared on WGN radio’s “Steve Cochran Show, where he was asked if the president had called him, and the conversation went as you’d expect from there.

“He has not [called],” Rauner said. “Our administration, I’ve asked and it’s happened now for the last 18 months, our administration has been in conversations with members of at the DEA and at the FBI. We continue to talk to experts around the country, we continue to believe it’s not the right thing for us to send in the National Guard; that would be a mistake.”

In addition to a “surge” in the state police presence in Chicago, Rauner also noted that “The critical thing we’ve got to do, and that’s the reason I’m pushing so much for [it is] more equitable school funding, more equal school funding, is support our schools so our young people have an education.” He also wants vocational training in schools so kids see a legitimate future for themselves when gangs try to recruit them.

[Photo: Stephen Vance under Creative Commons license]

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