Illuminati Conspiracy or Nightclub? One Man Couldn’t Tell the Difference

The Illuminati conspiracy is obviously real, why else would people be constantly talking about the Illuminati conspiracy? And one intrepid individual decided to go right to the source of the mysterious conspiracy’s power: Facebook. There’s just one problem. See, he tried to post a message about how the Illuminati c*nts are “the reason this world is fucked up,” but alas, it didn’t go to the right people. He ended up posting on the page of a nightclub called Illuminate instead.

This might go down as one of the best exchanges in the history of the internet.

Sam Bruv Bird also responded to some of the mockery he got from other Facebook users with choice comebacks like “Cum say it to mans face if not suck ur mum” and “ur all scared to speak up looooool.”

Oh, and Illuminate also posted this on Facebook in response.

[h/t Gawker]

[photo via screengrab, feature image via Shutterstock]

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