‘I’m Using Alternative Stats’: The Daily Show Visits the Super Bowl to Mix Politics and Sports


The Media Night at the Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity for late night shows to do some man-on-the-street work; and as Guillermo of Jimmy Kimmel Live showed us earlier this week, the players involved with the big game are often times willing to go along with the fun.

We’re just two days away from Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, and Roy Wood Jr. of The Daily Show used the opportunity to get away from politics a little bit. But as he found out, it’s tough for any political journalist simply to leave behind the worlds of Beltway mania during these strange and unconventional times.

As such, Wood Jr.’s segment blurred the lines between the big game and the cacophony of headlines stemming from the administration of President Donald Trump. At one point, he pressed Falcons cornerback Jalen Collins on the blatantly false number of fumbles in a game, to which Roy Wood quickly clarified: “I’m suing alternative stats.”

“It’s gotta be real, it’s on the paper,” he offered, mocking Kellyanne Conway‘s Meet The Press slip-up.

For help leaving the political journalism behind, he turned to Fox Sports 1’s Katie Nolan for a pep-talk before acknowledging to one cameraman, “It’s exciting right! The whole world’s on fire outside, but here we are.” He celebrated the fact that inside the Media Night festivities, “There was nothing to remind me of Donald Trump’s awful policies.”

That is, until he sees one of the President’s pals up close and personal: “Ah shit, it’s Tom Brady.” Watch above via Comedy Central.

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