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Mitt Romney Talks Broken Hair With David Letterman

While most of you were cheating on your flame-haired imaginary boyfriend with the two biggest victims of the Gotcha Media, soon-to-be perennial presidential candidate Mitt Romney was all business in an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman last night. On the table were such recent highlights in his career as the constant speculation surrounding his presidential run and his mile-high scuffle with a member of obnoxious Jersey Shore house band LMFAO.

Romney has been making the media rounds lately to promote his new book, No Apologies, but for most of the interview appeared to be selling himself as an affable, good-humored, freedom-loving everyman with terrific hair. His admission that the “good swat” he received in the Vancouver airplane incident “broke” the artistic marvel that he carries on his head almost elicited the audience’s sympathy – almost – and his mostly successful attempt to bury the robotic Massachusetts Republican of 2008 was rewarded with what for David Letterman were fairly innocuous jabs, like a correction of his generic “I don’t know if I’ll run for president” statement: “Of course he’s running. I can tell by the cologne.”

Perhaps his only fault, especially in Letterman’s eyes, was his praise for Sarah Palin. “She’s terrific. She’s got energy, passion…” he said, though he quickly handicapped the compliments with a warning: “By the way, be careful what you say about her…she has a rifle, you know.” Letterman learned that lesson the hard way.

Watch Romney’s meeting with Letterman below:

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