In Narrow Ruling, Supreme Court Rules with Hobby Lobby on Contraception Mandate

In a narrow ruling Monday morning the Supreme Court decided 5-4 that closely held corporations could not be compelled to provide contraception coverage as part of their health care plans.

The Court ruled that the government had failed to show it had less intrusive ways of guaranteeing women access to birth control.

However, the Court narrowly tailored its ruling to apply to closely-held corporations (a corporation that has more than 50% of its stock owned by five or fewer individuals). The ruling also concerns only the so-called “contraception mandate” under the Affordable Care Act (as opposed to, say, vaccines or other preventative services), and does not allow for a religious exemption to be used as a mask for discrimination in, say, hiring practices.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote the majority decision, with Justice Anthony Kennedy concurring; the liberal justices dissented.

[h/t SCOTUSBlog]

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