In New Video, Clinton Rallies Democrats and Promotes ‘An America That’s Hopeful, Inclusive and Big-Hearted’

Right now, both of America’s major political parties are undergoing major internal reconfiguring. Whispers of Republicans who are just this close to revolting against Donald Trump are getting louder as plenty of outspoken conservatives have already denounced him in the past few months. Meanwhile, the race to become the chair of the Democratic National Committee is escalating as liberals of very different beliefs battle to determine the country’s future.

Hillary Clinton released a video today designed to rally the Democratic base and bolster feelings of hopefulness. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg did recently, she pointed out that recent actions like the Women’s March on Washington have made her optimistic about the future.

She said this:

After the primaries, we came together as a party to write the most progressive platform in history. Ideas we championed are now inspiring leaders and activists across our country. Nearly 66 million votes are fueling grassroots energy and activism and everywhere people are marching, protesting, tweeting, speaking out and working for an America that’s hopeful, inclusive and big-hearted.

She urged left-leaning voters to stay vigilant, saying they “must move forward with courage, confidence and optimism, and stay focused on the elections we must win this year and next.”

Watch above.

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