Infamous ‘Texts from Hillary’ Photo Led to Inquiry About Email Use

The controversy over Hillary Clinton‘s use of a personal email account and a private server while she was Secretary of State blew up early last year. (Yes, we’ve only been talking about this for a little over a year.)

But it turns out that Clinton’s emails may have become an issue in the first place because of––seriously here––a meme. Specifically, this meme:

texts from hillary

Yes, “Texts from Hillary” really took off four years ago. The now-infamous photo from Reuters’ Kevin Lamarque inspired tons of memes and its own Tumblr.

Well, as Politico reports, during a deposition this week about Clinton’s emails, one State Department official revealed that photo of Clinton with her Blackberry caused someone to ask questions about her emails:

Clarence Finney, who oversaw an office responsible for Freedom of Information Act searches, raised the question about an official account after seeing the photo in the media…

“When Mrs. Clinton’s photo appeared in the media with her using — appearing to use some sort of a mobile device, Clarence Finney checked with [information management staff] to confirm … whether the answer was still that she did not have a e-mail account,” State Director of Executive Secretariat Staff Karin Lang said.

Lang did go on to say that Finney was informed from the beginning that Clinton, “like her predecessor,” didn’t plan on using an official government email account.

So what other memes might warrant government interest?

[image via Reuters]

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