Internet Implodes Following Release of First Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Trailer

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-12-09-52-pm-650x424You might have noticed that in the past few years, Disney has somehow become an entertainment and lifestyle touchstone for otherwise high-functioning young adults. Sites like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post rose to prominence among millennials on the backs of bloggers willing to churn out “What Disney Princesses Would Look Like with Realistic Toes,” and “4384379662 Ways Disney Totally Defined Your Childhood.” There have been numerous theories about why young adults are so bizarrely obsessed with the animation of their youth, but while some people publish thinkpieces, Disney itself got busy and capitalized on the trend. Now, we have a live-action Beauty and the Beast that uses the same score and many of the same shots as the animated version from 1991.

Unsurprisingly, Internet-using millennials have been losing it slowly since the news that the movie was in production broke but today, they got the first full-length trailer and went truly bananas, trending #BeautyandtheBeast on Twitter. Here it is, if you’d like to get involved:

It’s not easy to tell whether the live-action version will live up to the original, but brining in millennial icon Emma Watson was a good strategy, as was keeping most of the defining features, like the haunting score.

Regardless of if it is a good recreation, a poor recreation, or some sort of independent success remains to be seen, but young people will likely see #BeautyandtheBeast no matter what.

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