Iranian Missile Launch Trump Tweeted About Was Fake, Fox News Reports

A new report indicates that the Iranian government faked a missile test this weekend after showing off their new weapon with a military parade. This comes after President Trump used the supposed missile test as a reason to denounce the Iran nuclear deal yet again.

As Trump feuded with professional athletes this past weekend, he also sent out this tweet:

According to Fox News, the missile launch video which recently circulated across Iranian television actually comes from a weapons test that happened over seven months ago. State media claimed that the footage showed a new, successful launch, though U.S. officials said the missile in question actually exploded back in January.

As he attended conventions with the United Nations last week, Trump denounced Iran for destabilizing the Middle East and continuing with the development of their weapons program. Trump criticized the Iran nuclear deal during these proceedings, though he didn’t say whether he’d pull the U.S. out of it.

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