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Is Egyptian Clothier Named ‘Hitler’ Indicative Of Nazi Reverence In Middle East?

An Egyptian clothier is causing a stir on Wednesday after a report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz identified the retail outlet’s odd choice of name: “Hitler.” The outlet, complete with a swastika it its logo, both confused and outraged the paper’s reporter and the source of the report. The Haaretz reporter noted that the explosion of retail outlets with a Nazi-themed branding may be indicative of a burst of sympathy for the German dictator.

“One small Arabic-language newspaper even went so far as to publish a fictional interview with Hitler in which the Fuhrer is depicted as a man of principle who picked on the strong European powers, and sought, as powerful Nazi propaganda once claimed, to liberate the weak in Africa and Asia,” the Haaretz report reads.

What all this suggests is that, even if a small percentage of Arabs have regarded and do regard Hitler as a hero, or even as a retail marketing asset, the vast majority see him as a murderous villain.

In 2012, an Indian clothing shop and pizza parlor, both named “Hitler,” ignited a firestorm of controversy. That shop, which branded its logo complete with swastikas, sparked a number of recriminations which forced the shop to change its name.

Read the full report via Haaretz

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