Is Ted Cruz Really Trying to Say Trump Is ‘Evil’?


Ted Cruz is trying to make the stakes even higher for the Republicans by literally calling on them not to “give in to evil.”

Which begs the question: does Cruz honestly think that Donald Trump is evil?

He was asked specifically about that remark this morning and sidestepped that exact word as he talked about rejecting the kind of values (i.e. “hatred,” “bullying”) that Trump presents.

“We are not an angry, ugly people,” he said. “And the people of Indiana… have good judgment, have good values.”

He was asked about it yet again at a press conference this afternoon, where one reporter asked, “Are his supporters voting for somebody who’s evil and bigoted?”

Cruz again deflected. So again, does he think Trump is evil?

Well, for some context here, we should look to the words of Glenn Beck, who made very similar remarks this weekend.

Per RWW:

“Every single state is being required and I believe––and they’re gonna rake me over the coals for saying it, so be it––I believe that’s the Almighty God saying, ‘Each one of you, I want you to stand and you choose: good or evil? Which way will we go? Am I still your God and are you still my people? Choose who you serve.'”

Now, when Beck has talked about good vs evil and the path America has gone down in the past, he has talked about the corrupting of American culture and how more and more people are rejecting good old moral values on both the left and the right.

So does Cruz think Trump’s evil? Probably not. It’s more likely he and Beck consider Trump (and let’s face it, Hillary Clinton too) to be so unfit for the presidency and dangerous that unlike the goodness of their cause, evil, hatred, sin, what have you––it will all rise if either of them is president.

Which actually makes Cruz’s comment more hyperbolic, but hey, at least it wasn’t a personal attack…

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