Is the U.S. Preparing a Missile Strike Against North Korea? Officials Refuse to Rule It Out

Our relationship (or lack thereof) with North Korea is a source of concern for many Americans. Now that U.S. officials have refused to rule out striking the country with missiles, those concerns look like they’ll be staying around a while.

Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, told NBC’s Today Show, “We are not going to do something unless he gives us reason to do something.”

That means if North Korea conducts another nuclear test or attacks a U.S. military base, President Donald Trump might just react with missiles, like he did in Syria. According to the Independent, “South Korean officials say there’s a chance the country will conduct its sixth nuclear test or its maiden test launch of an [intercontinental ballistic missile] around the founding anniversary of its military on Tuesday.”

Don’t run to the fallout shelter yet, though. Haley appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today and said not only that Chinese pressure on North Korea seems to be working, but that America has sent the message that “we don’t want war.”

Watch above.

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