ISIS Claims American Female Hostage Killed in Jordanian Airstrike

The SITE Intel Group has reported that ISIS is claiming an American female hostage, identified as 26-year-old humanitarian worker Kayla Jean Mueller, was killed when a Jordanian airstrike hit the building in which she was being held in Raqqa, Syria:

Initial reports left it unclear whether ISIS executed the hostage due to the strikes or if she was actually killed by the strikes themselves.

Jordan has been conducting an airstrike campaign against ISIS after the terrorist group released video showing them burning Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh alive in a cage.

According to The Daily Courier, Arizona-native Mueller had been serving as an aid worker for Support to Life in Turkey since at least May 2013. She disappeared in August 2014 after driving into Aleppo with her Syrian boyfriend and was reportedly the last American hostage held by ISIS.

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