ISIS Threatens to Kill Twitter Employees, Co-Founder Jack Dorsey

A group claiming to be ISIS has now targeted Twitter’s employees, as well as the social media site’s co-founder, for deleting tweets that support violent extremism and spread the group’s propaganda.

According to USA Today, the group called on its followers throughout the world to target Jack Dorsey, one of the site’s founders, as well as Twitter employees responsible for deleting their tweets and accounts, in accordance with the site’s Terms of Use policy.

“Your virtual war on the Internet will cause a real war on you,” they warned in a Pastebin posting entitled “Twitter a target for the caliphate”:

“Jack, how will you protect your helpless employees when their necks are on the line and they become an official target for soldiers of the succession and their supporters among you?” the online post states. “What will be your response to their families and sons, and their plight in this failed war?”

The post includes a matted photo of Dorsey with a target on his face.

“From the beginning of this failed war, we’ve said that this is not your war,” the ISIL post says. “But you did not understand and kept closing our accounts on Twitter, but we always come back.

Twitter released a terse statement saying they were “investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials.”

Watch a report on the threats below via CNN:

[Image via screenshot/CNN]

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