It’s a Day Ending in Y, So Todd Akin Is Talking About Legitimate Rape Again

One-time GOP senatorial candidate Todd Akin sat down with Yahoo! News’ Olivier Knox and ABC News’ Rick Klein as part of a book tour that is doubling as his reentry into political media. Akin has hit multiple media outlets over the past two weeks and found himself questioned yet again over remarks he made during the 2012 election about “legitimate rape.”

“Obviously no rape is legitimate,” Akin told Yahoo! on Tuesday. “It’s a serious, serious crime. But legitimate rape is a law enforcement term for legitimate case of rape. Rape is not legitimate, it’s the particular circumstances.”

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Akin said his comment that “the female body has a way of shutting that whole thing down” was “not very well stated.” He cited staff members who he said had been conceived from rape as evidence that he knew it could happen. “What I was simply saying is: stress plays a role in whether somebody’s eggs fertilize or somebody gets pregnant,” he said. “The probability of pregnancy as a result of rape is less than it might be otherwise.”

Akin said he opposed abortion even in cases of rape. “They still have a right to life in my opinion; now, whether the rapist has a right to life, that’s a different discussion.”

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