‘It’s Morphin’ Time: Ex-Power Ranger Pleads Guilty to Stabbing Roommate, May Face 6 Years in Prison

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The Power Rangers have been trending recently in anticipation of the movie premiere on March 24. But look closely enough and you’ll notice another — relatively disturbing — story based around the popular franchise.

Ricardo Medina, whose claim to fame came from playing the Red Ranger in the 2002 series Power Rangers Wild Force, plead guilty to the felony of voluntary manslaughter and admitted an allegation of using a sword in the January 2015 killing of his roommate Josh Stutter.

The murder occurred after Medina and Stutter became engaged in an argument over the former’s ex-girlfriend. As things escalated Medina grabbed a sword they kept in the apartment and began stabbing Stutter. The Power Rangers alum was taken into custody later that same day, but was released when the case was rejected. After the matter was investigated, Medina was taken into custody where he would remain until he was released on $1 million bail in February of 2015.

Sentencing is set for March 30, and Medina could face up to six years in prison. This sentence has been reduced drastically considering that, prior to his plea, he could have faced 26 years to life if convicted.

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