Ivana Trump Says Daughter-in-Law Vanessa Will ‘Have a Problem’ Rebounding After Split With Don Jr.

Donald Trump’s former spouse Ivana Trump thinks her son’s soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa Trump will have “a little trouble” finding another man now that she and Donald Trump Jr. have filed to dress.

Ivana, who was the president’s first wife, continued by voicing empathy for Vanessa but noted that she is not surprised to see the two split after it was revealed that Donald Jr. had an affair with singer Aubrey O’Day.

“It’s always distressing, because I’ve been there,” said Ivana to the New York Post‘s Page Six. “It’s a long time ago now, so I think Vanessa knew it all along and maybe she just couldn’t get over the hurt to forgive him.”

However, she added a quasi defense of her son, saying, “But I honestly don’t know that many men who can keep their zippers up.”

Ivana’s post-marriage prospects for her daughter-in-law are grim, though, as she said “Vanessa might have a little problem because she was five kids.”

“Who is going to date and marry the woman who has five children? Especially since she is young [40] and she might want to have more,” she added.

Donald Jr. has opted to stay silent about the affair, as he has not confirmed or denied media reports on the matter.

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